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Noosh-Aghdzk-Dgher monastery-Koshi St. Stepanos Church-Aruch St. St. Gregory Church-Noosh

From Nush we will go to Tegher Monastery, which is called Dgher Monastery by the people. It is unique in that the two tombs are built like chapels on the church. After that, we will visit the Arshakunys’ tombs in Aghdzk, which date back to the 4th century.
Aruch St. George’s church, almost completely standing, only the dome of the 7th-century church was demolished. Aruch Church is surprising with its size. It was the largest in early medieval Armenia. Koshi St. The location of Stepanots Church and the view from it are shocking. The church is located on the edge of a cliff, from where the village of Kosh, Agarak, and Ashtarak are located, but the most beautiful is the view of the biblical Mount Ararat.
Duration 4-5 hours